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woma city

'woma city'  is a decentralized organization (DAO) operated by each  internet-native  member of the 'woma city' and share one common vision of building a brave metaverse.

Mint your unique and on-chain open source NFT passport which means ready to expand the Metaverse, to be a founder of the woma city organization and have priority to benefit to all opportunities of the city...

onchain NFT
womacity passport


Buy your passport 

to get airdrop $WOMA Tokens

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$WOMA Tokenomics

  • total supply: (10 billion)

  • to premium members: 600.000.000 (0.6 billion)

  • to elite members: 400.000.000 (0.4 billion)

  • to sale: (3.0 billion)

  • to liquidity pool: (2.0 billion)

  • to marketing: 600.000.000 (0.6 billion)

  • to team: 400.000.000  (0.4 billion)

  • to play to earn : (2.0 billion)

  • to burn: (1.0 billion)

$WOMA  taxes

       3 %      
to reward

 of every transaction (buy/sell/transfer) is redistributed to all holders.

      3 %      
to liquidity pool


liquidity pool

on each transaction

to maintain healthy liquidity.

       3 %       
to marketing

goes to marketing pool

on each transaction

to development the project.

6 %
to premium passports

(team vesting) 

periodically airdrop

to each the last holders of 

Premium Passport

as detailed on white paper

30 %
to sale

is allocated to


Private Sale

(only for passport holders) 

development fund, 

partnerships, charity, ambassadors


6 %
to marketing

to reserved for

play to earn 

rewards pool

20 %
to play to earn


4 %
to elite passports

(team vesting) 

periodically airdrop

to each the last holders of 

Elite Passport

as detailed on white paper

to provide to the liquidity pool

what will be ensure 

safe & healthy


20 %
to liquidity pool

(5 years locked) 

to allocated to the

$WOMA Team

4 %
to team

 10 %
to burn

will be burned 

maintain the long-term value

of $WOMA

with the milestones as detailed

on white paper 


stage 1

stage 2

stage 3

stage 4

  • Website Launch

  • Social Media Launch

  • NFT Collections Launch

  • 1.Audit Launch (by CoinScope)

  • White Paper Launch

  • Create Launchpad to Pre-Sale

  • Pre-marketing Campaign 

  • Pre-start to Game Development

  • Pre-Sale Launch

  • Public Sale Launch

  • Coingecko listing 

  • Coinmarketcap listing 

  • Creating new NFT collections

  • Wallet Development - Phase-1

  • Game Development - Phase-1 

  • NFT Market Place - Phase-1

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Giveaways / Promotions

  • 2. Audit  (by CERTIC)

  • Expand the Development Team

  • Mobil App Development to Social Media 

  • Wallet Launch  

  • NFT Market Place Launch

  • Game Development - Phase-2

  • Charity Action 

  • CEX Listing

  • Partnership Cooperation's

  • Giveaways / Promotions

  • Influencers

  • Game Demo

  • Game Development - Phase-3

  • More CEX Listing

  • More Partnerships & Cooperations

  • Charity

  • Website Update

  • Several Updates

  • Giveaways/promotions

  • Expand Marketing Strategy


 IDO timeline


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Are you ready to discover to
woma city...

Interplanetary travel with different and back to essence...

Race-specific planets, lives, natural resources, weapons and more...

An interactive, fun and lucrative open world with interracial social, commercial, political relations and wars...